The Learning Environment & Activities

Planning purposeful play and activities for the Children

We plan play based activities that promote all the areas of development, and that encourage the children to make progress and demonstrate their skills across all these areas of development. We plan activities according to children’s individual needs and interests. This is known as providing Child Initiated play and learning.

We also provide short adult led focus learning/play inputs daily during our Pre-School routine. These sessions cover the full curriculum, providing art and craft activities, physical stimulation i.e. dancing or sports/ball play, or perhaps finger fun with play dough to improve dexterity and strength. These sessions can also focus on Letters and Sounds, Literacy and Mathematics activities working at individual children’s levels. These short sessions help them to extend their knowledge in a fun way, developing PSED skills by working with their peers, whilst also improving their concentration and application skills.

Indoor and Outdoor learning – Types of Activities

We ensure the children have access to both indoor and outdoor play every day. We visit our lovely village park and take various bits of play equipment with us. We have direct access to an outside playground area and we offer free flow from indoor to outdoor play for as much of a session as we possibly can. Children can choose if they would like to explore the indoor or outdoor environment. Obviously in colder wetter winter months we are limited to the amount of time children can healthily and safely spend outdoors learning, but we still aim to get out every day for periods of outdoor learning. We do have full waterproof overalls for every child to wear during wet weather. Children need to bring their own wellys.

We visit our lovely village park and take various bits of play equipment with us as the weather allows, and will soon have our own permanent and dedicated garden.

Types of activities we offer include role play areas, sand and water play, small world play dolls house, garage and cars, farm etc., malleable play play dough etc., arts and crafts, mark making of drawing and writing, cooking, music and dance, instruments and singing, Diddi Cars and other ride on toys, play equipment in the park, welly walks, ICT; iPads/iPods and similar, laptop etc., book corner, stories and books, games and puzzles, cutting and sticking, fine motor play activities, construction toys, and much much more!