Policies and Procedures

Our Policies and Procedures are in place to protect you, your child and our staff. We would ask that you read these carefully and come and speak to the Manager or a member of the team if you have any questions.

Policy Documents are listed below – please click to open/read

Admissions Policy
Key Person Policy
Positive Behaviour Policy v. Dec 16
Confidentiality Policy and Procedures
Complaints Policy v. Mar 17
Missing Child Policy v Dec 16
Guidelines for Safeguarding and Record Keeping v. Dec 16
Safeguarding Policy v Feb 19
Safeguarding Uncollected Child Policy v. Dec 16
Looked after Children Policy v. Dec 16
Online Safety and Social Networking Policy v. Mar 17
Equal Opportunities Valuing Diversity and Promoting Inclusion and Equality v. Dec 16
Supporting Children with Special Education Needs v. Dec 16
Schools Transition Policy
Outings Policy
Managing children who are sick, infectious, or with allergies policy
Parental Involvement Policy
Health and Safety Policy
Administering Medicines Policy
Promoting Health and Hygiene, Food and Drink Policy
Dummy & Bottle Policy
Kitchen Rules Nov 16
Fire Safety and Emergency Evacuation
Poor Weather & Emergency Closure Policy
Early Years Prospectus
Staff Code of Conduct v.Mar 17
Staff Sickness and Absence Policy v. Mar 17
Staff Disciplinary Policy Sept 2017
Staff Supervision Policy
Staff Training Policy v. Mar 17
Whistleblowing Policy
Fees Policy
Confidentiality of Committee Members
Non Smoking Policy
Outings Policy June 17
Intimate Care
Adventure Tots Stay Play Group v. Dec 16

These policies are continually reviewed and although we update the website regularly, please speak to the Pre-School Manager to ensure you have the most up todate version.

Please discuss any questions you may have with the Pre-School Manager.